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Inside & Outwards

In quarantine, millions of us have been truly and utterly alone. Time blurs as structure and stability fade beneath endless silence and postponed plans.
Fear pervades in the absence of control and answers. While we may feel trapped in our homes, there's a silver lining to be found. A chance to learn something new, to put yourself on center stage, and to find true comfort in your surroundings and yourself. This film encourages us to love ourselves
and embrace our internal struggles and find the beauty in it.

Agency - HunterPark
Client - NAMI
Director - Ezra Hurwitz
Score - Sufjan Stevens
Narrated By - Sarah Jessica Parker
Creative Director & Co-Writer -  Ezequiel Consoli

Writer - Kyle Harrison

Press - Muse by ClioAdweekNowThisHollywood ReporterAds of the WorldPlaybillPeopleBroadway WorldYahooPRWebEntertainment WeeklyThe HillBenzingaElle DecorDance Magazine

Awards -  1 Emmy award for best PSA , 1x Webby Awards + Honoree

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