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Random Pics    

I’m Ezequiel.
Biblically  gay.
I’m Argentinian, not Brazilian.
Or Sudanese, for that matter,
but now I’m just being redundant.
I’m an Art Director at McCann-Erickson. 
Outside of work, I can be found
eating pints of Ben & Jerry’s,
walking to the bodega to get
more Ben & Jerry’s,

or working on my fitness  
(while simultaneously eating Ben & Jerry’s).
And, to no one’s surprise,
I happily reside in Cobble Hill


Art Director - McCann NY

Junior Art Director - McCann NY

Art Director Intern - McCann NY

Creative Intern - Mother NY

Design Intern - MATTE PROJECTS  (yeah I worked on FYRE 🔥 Festival)

Design Intern - Rodrigo Corral

Design Intern - Tom Alberty/Grady’s Coffee


+ 1 (845) 705-7678